Below are some of my creative writing projects that are still available online.

Not True In Newcastle

Every day between February and May 2010 (with a few extras afterwards) I wrote a piece of micro-fiction inspired by photos I’d taken in or around Newcastle, NSW, at The tight self-imposed deadlines mean that some are a bit rough but on the whole I’m still very pleased with them. I later self-published a selection of them in two limited-edition hand-bound books, sold in local independent shops.

All the Streets in Newcastle

In 2014 I ‘helped’ ninety-three year old Rose to make a blog from her hand-written accounts of walking All the Streets In Newcastle. As the blog became more popular I creatively managed requests for radio interviews with Rose, invitations for Rose to come to tea with other local senior citizens, polite letters from residents whose houses Rose had been critical of, etc, and eventually, after I moved away from Newcastle for a time, the blog wound down. Rose, however, remains indefatiguable and I won’t be surprised if she has a rush of blood to the head and starts writing again some time.

Nature Futures

The first piece of writing for which I was paid real money was Seed Crystal in Nature Futures, and it’s still fun to tell fellow scientists I was (technically) published in Nature when I was in my 20s.